Harmony House





We've put together an energy efficient passive solar house, with sustainable off-grid energy, water collection and waste management systems. We’d love to share what we’ve learnt in order to help others who are heading off on a similar journey.

We’ve tried not to make these pages too technical (which can bog things down a bit), and we didn’t want to write a blow-by-blow ‘blog site’ (too tedious), so have aimed the text at being more of a ‘conversational’ style, as if we’re sitting down talking to someone about what we've done. It’s actually conversations like that with someone where information is passed on  - experiences, thoughts, solutions, potential pathways ideas - that may turn out to be really helpful to them. We hope this site works in a similar way.

An energy efficient passive solar house design

So, you can…

Find more in-depth information on our passive solar house design. We were amazed to find this design, and it's free for you to download too.

We explain our off-grid energy system, our water collection system, and our waste management system choices.

Or it might be our building materials that will help.

Some of our (work in progress) landscaping journey is also described, including our much-loved automower Humphrey.

You can have a look through our photo gallery.

We provide a summary list of the things we’re most glad we included in our project.

Want to email or visit on one of our open days? Feel free to contact us. We do want to make others' journey along this path easier, so don't hesitate to ask us a question - if we can help, we will.